Alpine 11.5% – Indoor CBD seeds

Origin – Countryflag-for-european-union_UE_CEE_d DrapeauUnionEuropéenne_CBD-FR_chanvre_fleurs_cbd-frSwiss
CBD ratemicroscope_maboratoire_CBD_cannabis_CBD-FR_chanvre_fleurs_cbd-fr11.5%
THC levelwarning-attention-cbd-fr-CBD-FR-hemp-flowers0.15%
Flower densityfleurs_CBD-FR_CBD_chanvre_cannabidiol_cannabis_fume_fleursCBD_basprixStrong
Head sizeherb-hemp-CBD-cannabidiol-cbd-frSmall
Notessmiley cbd tongue delicious cbdunder test
Descriptionbooks_livres- université-charlotteweb-cbd-fr-CBD-cannabisSee the Description
and details below

Price: 10 seeds – 49.99$

🌿 ALPINE CBD flowers: in brief

Alpine CBD flowers have notes of:
hemp-cbd-frnotes incense
hemp-cbd-frsubtle mint note

These OG KUSH hemp flowers have a high content of 11.5% CBD and obviously <0.2% THC.

They come from SWITZERLAND 🇨🇭.

The appearance of Alpine CBD flowers: 

The Alpine is in the form of flowers small but high density with an average humidity. Dark green, it has dark brown pistils and abundant trichomes of a golden color.

The smell of ALPINE  hemp flowers:

The Alpine hemp flower delivers a minty scent to particularly herbaceous notes. A eucalyptus scent completes an already evocative picture.

The flavor of Alpine CBD flowers:

In terms of taste, we find fresh aromas of mint and eucalyptus as well as lemony and peppery notes. The Alpine CBD flowers finally deliver an aftertaste of incense which gives it an exotic aftertaste

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